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We strive to offer quality care to large groups of people, especially rural communities. Our platform targets at specific groups with specific purposes to reduce the needs for hospital visits and healthcare costs. Group care can now be provided in less expensive coordinated settings with safety and convenience. Join us today and experience the new form of care delivery that promises to transform the medical industry even more in the future.

How Does Telemedicine Work For Groups?

Telemedicine is an ideally improved form of healthcare for your facility, retail building or even employees.This evolving medical innovation conveniently provides communities with adequate care.For a one-time-fee, users can access our network of doctors for specific questions or concerns pertaining to their overall health. Not only does this conveniently replace scheduling, waiting rooms, exposure to illness and frustration, but it also creates an improved environment for those immersed.

The Benefits Surrounding Group Telemedicine

Group Care

Telemedicine provides group care in coordinated settings that are less expensive.

Reduces Costs

For those paying for medical coverage, telehealth can reduce healthcare costs up to 27%.

Better Response

Patients receive a timely answer without being exposed to forms and sick patients.

Reduce Hospitalization

Significant decrease in unnecessary hospital visits impacts readmission rates and overall costs.


Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers are noticing telemedicine's popularity across the globe.

Eliminate Visits

Telemedicine decreases the needs to see a doctor and eliminates unnecessary visits.

The Benefits Surrounding Group Telemedicine

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What Other Groups Can We Serve?

Part time and contract workers as well as under and uninsured patients benefits from an affordable option of quality medical care.

Rural Commnuities can get access to the same type of care as metro dwellers which helps people save much money.

Hospitals or facitlites can take advantage of streamlined care to impact their readmission rates and avoid fines.

Business and vacation Travelers can access care when its least expected and mostly expensive with our 24/7 specially network.

Muncipality or Education platforms offer students discounted healthcare without missing class or troubling their patients.

Self employed people can benifits from telemedicine solutions until rates begin to decrease so they don't lose employees.

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