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We strive to offer quality care to large groups of people, especially rural communities. Our platform targets at specific groups with specific purposes to reduce the needs for hospital visits and healthcare costs. Group care can now be provided in less expensive coordinated settings with safety and convenience. Join us today and experience the new form of care delivery that promises to transform the medical industry even more in the future.

Why To Choose Us?

Enhance your work-life balance by seeing patients on your time

Eliminate Wait Times

Eliminating wait times for patients creates a sense of patience for both parties. Never rush, set your schedule, and focus on driving results for your practice.

Real-Time Access

With no change in your work habits, telemedicine allows you to see more patients with real-time access to healthcare information and online support.

Decrease Costs

Not only does our technology lower back office costs, but you also don't have to worry about set-up fees and recurring monthly charges.

User-Friendly Platform

Our user-friendly platform helps you shift your focus back to the patient. This creates a satisfactory experience that's inevitably easier for patients to invest in.

Challenges & Solutions


How It Work

Enhance your work-life balance by seeing patients on your time.

What's Required

The needs of our teleproviders determine our specific set of requirements.

How To Apply

Fill out the required fields and upload your CV. We'll contact you once we review your credetials.

Important Facts

84% of healthcare executives believe that telemedicine is very important to the future of their organization. Reference Foley and Lardner LLPs

Almost 3/4 of all urgent care, ER, and primary care visits are deemed unneccessary by healthcare professionals - and can be handed via phone or video.

According to the American Telemedicine Association(ATA), over 50% of American hospitals currently have a telehealth option.

In the United States, rural healthcare is limited. On average, there are 40 specialist available to every 100,000 people in rural communities. Only 1/10 physicians practice in rural enviroments.

The ATA also states that 29 U.S. states require payers to accept telemedicine solutions.

Foley and Lardner reported a survey that showcased provider support for telemedicne. Half said they choose telemedicine to implement quality care while 18% saw an opportunity to allocate new patients. Reference: Foley and Lardner LLP

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